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Ways to Save when Installing an Aquarium

Want an aquarium but short on cash? Here are some ways you can cut costs, and some cost-cutting measures to avoid.

Firstly, decide what type of an aquarium you want and know who plays nice together before you buy the prettiest fish. You will certainly lose money buying incompatible fish when they destroy each other or if you mistakenly buy freshwater fish for your saltwater aquarium. The same goes for corals. Believe it or not, there are easy and more challenging corals. Stick with the easy ones to start. Additionally, you can go fish-only and save on the costs of reef systems.

Start small or stick with the essentials. Starting with a 100-gallon saltwater tank is going to set you back. Start small and if you decide to upgrade in the future, it won’t come with an extreme sticker shock. In addition, sticking with the essential décor and equipment rather than buying the high tech self-monitoring gear will keep costs down.

Use LED’s. LED’s have come a long way and are a fantastic way to save money. Don’t forget the cost of running an aquarium also affects your electrical usage. LED’s use less wattage and last about 12 times as long as fluorescents.

Don’t buy cheap equipment. It should go without saying, but your aquarium is an investment and you want to be sure that your investment endures. Buy quality equipment as you will likely have to replace the cheap stuff down the road. You may pay more up-front, but you’ll save over time.

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