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Your neighbor may be a great guy, but he knows nothing about aquariums

I received a phone call from architect Jim Prisby that started out like so many before it.

“Hello, thanks for calling Blue Planet, how can we help you?”

“Hi, you guys come out to people’s homes and offices and do aquarium installations, right?”

“We sure do.”

“Great, I’m an architect in the middle of a home remodel, my client wants an aquarium and I am completely #$%*ing lost!”

Jim Prisby and I met to discuss the aquarium shortly thereafter. Jim and the home owner had already agreed on the location and size of the aquarium. The 72 x 24 x 30 inch saltwater aquarium would be located between the home’s workout room and home theater and adjacent to the bar area and was going to be a focal point of the home’s remodeling project.

Where Jim began to get hung up was in not knowing where to go for aquarium information. He found himself one night taking pointers on the project from a neighbor. The neighbor had directed him to build a structural cabinet beneath the aquarium that upon my inspection, looked better suited to support a steamroller filled with anvils, boat anchors and cannonballs. Sure, the aquarium when filled with water would weigh some 2000 pounds, but this was ridiculous. The neighbor then further confused Jim with talk of various filters systems, pumps, lights and etc, only to later admit he wasn’t even an aquarium owner himself and he would have no idea where to purchase these items or which items would be needed.

Well, thank you pal!

After our meeting I assured Jim, I’d get him some very easily understood and straightforward estimates, and he wouldn’t need some crash course in fish husbandry or aquarium life support as that’s our department.

A couple months later the finished project is a huge success. Certainly a focal point in the home, our new client has already said how they love the few starter fish the aquarium has and can’t wait to get more. As we often hear from new and old clients alike, the aquarium has become a conversation piece among the family as well as a place to decompress and reflect after a busy and hectic day. As far is Jim is concerned, he only wishes he had called as sooner.

Thanks for reading our monthly featured installation, feel free to take a look at the tank in the short video below and contact me with any questions.

Jonathan Wolf

About Jon Wolf

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