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2017 Interior Design Trends and How to Apply Them To Your New Aquarium

Interior design and aquariums go hand in hand. In fact, aquariums are often a part of feng shui approach to interior and harmonious design. We take a look at the top 2017 design trends and how they apply and fit with aquarium installations.
One of the larger trends this year centers on the Pantone color of the year, greenery. Greenery is an easy to implement trend into your aquarium, simply by adding natural elements into your tank. Choose from thinner, wavier chain sword plants or lush and full java ferns.
Faux finishes are popping up in design trends, often due to their resilience over their natural counterparts. Engineer quartz withstands heat better, and could make a beautiful covering in a custom cabinet.
Texture and artisanal products are two more developing trends for 2017. Add texture through corals or live rock to add depth into your tank. Other ornamentations and decorations also add texture and function to your tank. Interior design trends are leaning toward more artisanal, crafted designs. However, be careful what you introduce into your tank, as certain items can harm rather than attract fish.
Finally, butterflies are fluttering into design trends. These beautiful, colorful creatures provide vibrancy into your home. Fortunately, so do fish. In fact, you can even stock your tank with butterfly fish. Just like their winged counterparts, they make a brightly colored addition.
Do you have a design trend you’ve incorporated into your aquarium? We want to see! Share with us on Facebook.

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