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360 Aquariums: A Unique Design to Consider

We have a love affair with 360-degree aquariums. In fact, if you visit our portfolio page, you’ll see the wide range of 360-degree viewable aquariums we’ve done.

360-degree aquariums do take some forethought in both design and placement. The whole point, after all, is to be able to view the aquarium from multiple angles within a room. And while the name of a 360-degree aquarium invokes a circular or cylindrical design, in the world of aquarists, it just means you can view all sides. Think: room dividers, centerpieces, and stand-alone options.

Let’s take a deeper look at the unique designs to consider when choosing a 360 aquarium. First off, a room divider aquarium is often blocked on one or both ends. However, with ample walking space on either side, a 360-aquarium becomes a natural division in the blueprint of a room. This works well in a business where you may need to separate space, without adding in permanent walls.

360-degree towers provide a dramatic attraction within a space. One of our favorite recent projects was a tower aquarium next to a prominent stairwell at Wildwood Public School. It stands out more than an aquarium placed against the wall, gets a ton of visibility from faculty and students alike, and simply provides an interesting focal point to what would otherwise be a bland stairwell.

Cylinder aquariums are perhaps the most “wow” factor aquarium, because there are no corners at all. These breathtaking designs give the viewer an experience akin to being underwater, as truly, nothing is blocking your view of the sea life.

If you’re considering a 360-degree aquarium, custom cabinetry and design don’t have to break the bank. Contact us to design your perfect aquatic oasis.

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