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5 Ideas for Incorporating Aquariums into your Business.

Do you want to incorporate an aquarium into your business space, but just aren’t sure how? We found 5 innovative ideas that are more than just placing a tank on a stand.

Room Divider Aquariums
A popular design idea is using an aquarium to divide two spaces. We’ve seen break rooms divided from factories or work areas, conference rooms separated from offices as well as separating offices from reception or entrances. Something to keep in mind, you will be able to see from one room to another although you can’t hear between. It gives the cool effect of a see through wall.


Reception Desk
We love the idea of welcoming your guests with an aquarium at the reception desk. Find space behind or near the reception desk to greet your clients and guests. Think of it as ever changing scenery while your customers wait.


360 Degrees
A 360 degree aquarium, especially those that are cylindrical with no flat sides are quite impressive. With a 360 degree, you can walk all the way around the tank. Each side is a viewable panel as opposed to simply looking into the front panel and/or sides. The round or circular aquariums offer no flat panels.


Custom Cabinetry Aquariums
Finding matching stain or mill-work with your  existing office furniture, shelving, counters and etc will go a long way in making the aquarium look like it was designed to be there from the beginning, not just an afterthought.


In Wall
In wall aquariums are nothing new, but for a dramatic impact, go for the whole wall. With something this large, you can incorporate larger fish, more fish, or larger decorative elements to better mimic a natural environment.


Ordinary turned extraordinary
The sky’s the limit when you want to turn an ordinary item into an aquarium. Whatever your business, chances are you might be able to turn what you sell into an aquarium for a unique focal point and as a conversation starter.
These are just a few of the ways you can add aquatic life into your business. If you can dream it, we can work with you to build it. Got an idea? Contact us today to spec it out!

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