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How Aquascaping Can Take Your Aquarium to the Next Level

Have you heard of of the term aquascaping before? Think: landscaping for your aquarium. Aquascaping is more than just placing plants, corals, and fish in your tank. It’s creating underwater natural scenes that provide additional depth and interest to your aquarium.

How it’s Different

Aquascaping is a bit different from the look of your standard aquarium setup. Because you have functioning, living aquatic plants, your lighting will need to be stronger in order for the plants to grow. Additionally, Carbon Dioxide (CO2) needs are higher the more living plants you have.
A key factor to note is aquascaping takes time. Seascapes need time to grow, evolve, and fill out your aquarium. As you watch the plant inhabitants grow, you can trim and adjust them to get the desired effect.

Inspiration & Style

Just as with traditional landscaping, take your aquascaping inspiration from natural scenes around you.
Finding a style of aquascaping can help develop your aquarium plan as well. Some popular styles include:

  • Iwagumi – Japanese minimalism with sharp stones and softer flowing elements.
  • Dutch Style – A lively heavily plant-based style.
  • Natural Style -Recreate a stream or lake to give your aquarium a wild, natural appearance.

Just as you would consider a professional landscaper for your yard, you may want to consider a professional aquarium designer for your aquascaping. At Blue Planet Aquarium, we know what works, and can give you advice and care instructions to help you develop a beautiful, living underwater landscape. Reach out to us to get started!
For a more in-depth look at aquascaping, click here.

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