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The Best Places to Place an Aquarium in Your Office

An aquarium is just the thing to liven up an office atmosphere! When thinking about aquarium placement in the office, here are a few things to consider.

First, if you’re going to have an aquarium in your office, it makes sense to place it somewhere where the most number of people will be able to see it and enjoy the view. If it is a perfect “spot” but around a corner or in a low traffic area, there’s no point!

For that reason, aquariums are often placed in office lobbies, conference rooms, cafeterias, and executive suites. One great way to get maximum exposure, and therefore enjoyment, out of your office aquarium is to use a room divider aquarium that enables staff to simultaneously see the tank from two rooms. Embedding an aquarium into some custom cabinetry is another great way to mix the office and aquarium vibes more seamlessly.

The other thing to keep in mind is that having the aquarium in direct sunlight will encourage the growth of algae, which will require more frequent maintenance appointments to keep the aquarium looking good. So, whichever room you want to place the aquarium in, you will likely want to keep it away from the windows to minimize algae growth.

And, speaking of algae, one last thing to consider about office aquariums—keeping them properly clean and maintained is absolutely crucial, because the condition of the aquarium will reflect on your business, just like the rest of your office surroundings do. To schedule a maintenance appointment, get in touch with us!


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