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Why Your Creative Agency's Needs an Office Aquarium Right Now

Do you own a business that depends upon the creativity of your employees? Do you often wonder how you can get more innovative ideas out of your team? Many times a change of scenery can get the imaginative juices flowing, yet that’s not always possible in an office setting. What if you could bring a change of scenery into your agency instead? We explore why your creative agency can tangibly benefit from an office aquarium.

Change of Scenery

An aquarium is ever-growing and ever-changing. From fish and corals growing, to the natural rhythmic flow of the sea life moving to and fro. Often we need a natural setting to spark new ideas. When you have an aquarium in your office, it brings nature inside.

Calming effects

Do you get your best ideas in the shower? It’s likely due to the calming effects of the running water. The same calming effects are attributed to the running water in the filtration system of an aquarium. Plus, studies show simply watching the fish move through the water lowers blood pressure, reduces stress, and diminish anxiety. Put your team at their best selves with the calming aquarium.


Just like in the classroom, an aquarium can inspire your creative agency with ideas for unique copy and intriguing design. Think behavioral patterns, color combinations, layout and fluidity of movement, just to name a few. This inspiration may come naturally by looking into the aquarium for ideas, or subliminally by simply having the aquarium nearby.
Are you a creative agency in need of an aquarium? Contact us for design and placement to best spark your team’s ideas!

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