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Design Trends from Across the Pond

From minimalist to lush, Scandinavian to Asian design, we love exploring what’s new in aquarium designs from across the pond.

The latest trend from Misawa Design Institute takes the minimalist futuristic approach and creates 3D printed designed sculptures called Waterscape for our fish to swim around and through. These simple 3D printed white sculptured designs show off the beauty and color of our fish. The Japanese company has even created air bubbles enclosures which can grow plant life perfect for your fish to swim in and out of and maybe even nibble on.

Minimalism reigns in Scandinavian design as well where Swedish designer Charles Tornros created a cylindrical home aquarium that doesn’t use many materials, power cables or other loud mechanical components. Lids and bases are custom wood design that includes the light source. The filtration system is sunk in the base of the rock. The results are a clean and streamlined tank which is suitable and perhaps even portable to nearly any area of the home.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, Takayuki Fukada’s Nature aquariums look like an entire lush thriving ecosystem is housed within the aquarium. Think more river than ocean reef with exposed tree root systems, vines and rocks. The natural system creates multiple layers of depth and maturity. Some of Fukada’s designs create underwater worlds plucked from rainforest treetops, ancient ruins, steep cliffs, or even Middle Earth. The framework looks and feels like what we might see above ground, yet housed within an aquarium tank including fish.

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