Everything but the Fish: How Seahorses, Octopuses, and Other Creatures Can Make for an Unforgettable Aquarium

If you’re looking to create a memorable, exciting, and interesting aquarium, adding these sea creatures to your tank will do just that.


seahorseThese mythical creatures not only add an intriguing look to your aquarium, they add a different type of motion as well. Seahorses tend to bob up and down, which provides a nice break in the smooth side-to-side pattern of fish. Plus, seahorses  provide endless fascination. Are they part horse, part fish? And what’s up with those tails? Be sure to read everything you need to know about keeping seahorses.


Crayfish come in more than 100 freshwater species, but all do well in aquariums from small to large. These quirky creatures come in a variety of colors and are relatively easy to keep, if kept in a tank on their own. Frequently, crayfish may eat your fish or vice versa, so we don’t recommend housing them together.


Crabs are also a fun crustacean to keep and work fine in fresh or somewhat salty water. Crabs have a fun personality and are a joy to watch scurry along the bottom of your tank. Do some research on the particular species you want to introduce, but most crabs can successfully be kept with other fish.


While this creature does not play nice with others, an octopus is certainly an incredible animal to watch. Octopuses come in a variety of sizes, are highly intelligent and are certainly a conversation starter. However, we’d only recommend these for experienced aquarists.
Are you looking to expand your repertoire beyond fish? Ask our experts for advice on what species you can add to your current aquarium or if you’re ready to dedicate a whole aquarium to one of these unique creatures.

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