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What Does Your Fish Selection Say About Your Office?

Did you know a recent study found that people who own fish are the happiest among pet owners? But besides being happy, what does your fish selection say about you and your office staff?

An Aquarium in your Office

Simply owning an aquarium shows that you and your office staff are a dedicated bunch. Aquariums take vigilance to ensure nothing goes wrong. Additionally, having an aquarium shows your appreciation and care for living things.

Tropical Fish

If your office has a saltwater tropical tank, it shows that you hold exotic and unique things in high regard. You value individuality, creative ideas and personal responsibility, since these fish require dedicated care. Attention to detail is also apparent through the selection of these exotic beauties.

Freshwater fish

While not as exotic in color as their saltwater counterparts, freshwater fish demonstrate a natural organic approach to caring for clients and employees. Freshwater fish tend to be calmer and demonstrate a laid back comfortable vibe.

Reef Tanks

Having an aquarium dedicated to colorful corals shows your attention to detail and hard work. Corals grow slowly over time. Having a reef based tank shows you’re committed and in business for the long haul.

Sea life other than fish

Additionally, you could have an aquarium with non traditional sea life such as jellyfish or sea horses. This shows you think outside the box and know that aquariums aren’t just for fish. It also shows that you appreciate creativity and uniqueness. Adding unconventional sea life also shows your sense of cooperativeness, as most of these creatures work together to keep a healthy tank.
What do you think? What does your choice of fish say about you and your office? Let us  now!

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