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In-Wall and Divider Aquariums: What You Need to Know

Perhaps one of the most frequent inquiries we get here at Blue Planet Aquarium is for in-wall and room divider aquariums. In the past few years, we’ve installed these types of aquariums for Environs, Grande Cheese Company, The Roberts Family, and Hot Vapes. If you’ve been thinking about getting one of these tanks into your space, here are some considerations to take into account.


An in-wall aquarium offers smooth lines, streamlined design, and a unique, custom look. However, with an in-wall design, access to the aquarium for maintenance purposes is key. For instance, in our Grande Cheese Company design, there are cabinet doors are above the tank that are flush the wall. Aquarium entry could also take place from behind the aquarium if there’s another room on the other side. Room divider aquariums, depending on height of the tank, may present some of the same concerns.

Space for equipment

One of the additional key elements for an in-wall aquarium, is making sure you have enough space for the filtration equipment. In our case with the Roberts Family, filtration had to be set up one floor down from the aquarium, requiring a great deal more in piping and pumping power.

Unique Benefits

In addition to their beautiful way of displaying of fish, in-wall and room divider aquariums offer benefits that go beyond design aesthetics. Room dividers provide views of the aquarium from more than one space, providing a better overall value to your aquarium. In-wall tanks are often at eye level, making it easier and more enjoyable to watch your fish. Additionally, in wall aquariums are perfect for high traffic areas such as a waiting room or the hallway of a school.  
In-wall and room divider aquariums may offer a few unique challenges, but the results are nearly always worth the extra trouble. Thinking about installing an in-wall or room divider aquarium in your space? Contact us for a brief consultation

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