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3 Public Aquarium Exhibits to Steal Ideas from for Your Home or Office

You can learn a lot from public aquariums. They keep aquatic life safe 24/7, after all, and study it day after day. Here are a few takeaways we have from public aquarium exhibits that you can use in your home or office  aquarium.

Geographical Themes

Visit any regional aquarium and they’ll likely have an exhibit dedicated to a specific area, rather than a particular type of fish. These thematic exhibits are not only a great way to show off the diversity of a region, but can also be a bit easier to care for. Imagine if all your aquatic life are already used to the same water temp, lighting, and to cohabitating with each other. You can choose an Amazon theme, a regional river, Caribbean, northern Atlantic—the possibilities are endless!


Many freshwater aquariums have areas dedicated to frogs. This can be a great way to add some depth or height to your aquarium by providing a dry region above the water for these semi-aquatic creatures. Do your research. Some frogs eat fish, and some larger fish may eat frogs. Again, plan wisely.

Go Cold

Often, in aquarium such as the Shedd or the Georgia Aquarium, you have cold water exhibits showing off belugas and penguins. While we know that’s not feasible for a home or office, you can still do a cold water fish aquarium with fish such as Zebra Danios, White Cloud Mountain Minnows, and Paradise fish, among others.

We often find inspiration by visiting public aquariums. What are some of your favorite exhibits?

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