5 Design Moves that Can Take an Aquarium from "Cool" to "Wow!"

Aquariums are beautiful, magical, and entrancing features in any home or office. However, if you want to take your aquarium for Cool to Wow, consider designing with these 5 techniques.

Get outside the tank

Creating a wild and natural environment for your aquarium that is multidimensional adds a layer of Wow. Think natural and lush greenery to fill a freshwater aquarium with tree branches extending beyond the tank for a realistic and stunning look.

Great Reef

Go beyond a few corals and establish an expansive coral reef system for your saltwater aquarium. While this does take planning and time, watching it grow and evolve is an extraordinary process, leaving you with brilliant colors and many textures to regard.


A themed aquarium can be classy, if done correctly, or tacky if thrown together with pet store additions. Just like using an interior decorator for your home, some interior decorating for your aquarium can pull together an exciting look. Also consider how it goes with the decor of your office. Pediatrics? We’ve seen Mario, Harry Potter, and Marvel-themed aquariums. We’ve also seen exotic Grecian ruins and beautiful Japanese gardens.

All White

Clean, white designs are a popular office decorating trend, and for good reason. Classic, easy to decorate, and simple are styles that never go out of style. This can extend to your aquarium as well. Think all white in terms of bottom substance, decorations, corals, rocks, etc. Your addition of brightly colored fish will pop more against the clean white backdrops.

The Motion of the Ocean

One of our more exciting custom installations in the last two years featured a wave box, to simulate the waves in the ocean. This movement is not only relaxing and captivating to watch, it can greatly benefit the fish and coral, recreating a more natural environment.
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