5 Reef Aquariums to Lust After

There’s something to be said about a reef aquarium. As an ever-changing living organism with many textures and colors, the coral reef itself is stunning. We scoured the web for 5 reef aquarium designs that we simply love, to give you some design inspiration for your next aquarium!

Vertical Reef

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This design, found on reef2reef, shows that even if you don’t have the horizontal space, you can still go vertical. This tree of life fixture truly blossoms at the top.






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This rounded tank gives an almost 360 feel to the room. The fact that it’s filled with coral makes it a piece of art.


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What we love about this setup is not just the amazing array of corals in the reef, but also its incorporation into the room’s solarium. With plenty of greenery surrounding the aquarium, along with the natural sunlight and bright surroundings, this reef blends in perfectly with its surroundings.


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This design found on reef2reef shows the minimalistic approach to reef aquariums with plenty of “white space” for your fish to float around in. Many interior designers will tell you to allow for white space, or empty space, to create more harmony.

Fully stocked

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On the flip side of minimalist, is this fully stocked tank that has an amazing amount of depth, color, and texture. While filled with variety, this tank is still well thought out in design, so that it doesn’t appear overstocked.

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