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Aquariums and Special Needs

If you or someone you love has special needs, caring for fish and an aquarium may just be the perfect hobby. Here’s why:
Fish are quiet. Oversensitivity to noise can make it hard to have pets in the house. While birds and dogs can be a problem in this respect, fish are (obviously) noiseless. In fact, the running water of an aquarium often has a calming effect.
Fish stay put. Since they are limited to the aquarium, fish and other sea life won’t take you by surprise, catch you off guard, or even potentially knock someone off their feet. Additionally, they don’t have to be walked or groomed.
Fish are hypoallergenic. Allergens, pet dander and even dirt from outside won’t get tracked through the house with fish as it might with other pets. If you or a loved one has allergies, other pets may require a lot of work to to keep your environment clean and healthy, while fish are 100% hypoallergenic.
Fish ownership creates pride. Having a beautifully stocked aquarium is always something to marvel at. Feeding the fish every day, helping to take care of them, and watching them thrive and happily swim about are things all aquarists are proud of.
Fish have psychological benefits. Everyone can benefit from the calming effect an aquarium has. Watching an aquatic scene unfold before you has shown to reduce stress, and lower blood pressure, anxiety, and aggressive behavior.
If you have more questions about the benefit of aquariums for those with special needs, and are thinking about installing an aquarium in your office, workplace, or home please reach out to us for help and information.

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