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How to Bring a Little of the Shedd Aquarium to Your Aquarium

The Shedd Aquarium has been a popular Chicago attraction since 1930. Known for its octogonal building overlooking Lake Michigan, the Shedd aquarium is home to Beluga whales, penguins, sea turtles, sea otters, and more than 30,000 sea creatures. With the exception of the larger animals, of course, here’s how you can bring a piece of the Shedd Aquarium into your own office aquarium.
Go Wild
The Shedd Aquarium offers Amazon, Caribbean and other “waters of the world” exhibits. In addition to featuring exotic fish, consider adding in species such as seahorses. Corals are also a large part of the Shedd Aquarium, particularly at the coral lab where they breed their own. Go Caribbean and in a moray eel into your aquarium. Dive into the Amazon and have an aquarium just for piranha.
Maybe you want to incorporate the Shedd’s unique circular structure into a custom design for your business. We love the 360 degree exhibit in the Caribbean Reef. Alternatively, you could consider a sunken aquarium to view the fish from above, similar to what you might see in the Abbott Oceanarium. (Although we’re not recommending adding in dolphins or whales unless you have the space for them.)
Go Local
If you’re thinking about a freshwater aquarium, you can go local with fish from the great lakes region, which are also featured at the Shedd. Add in sturgeon or sunfish. Or do a multilevel aquarium,  also called “a vivarium,” with fish and amphibians such as frogs or salamanders.
What is your favorite exhibit at Shedd? Want to figure a way to incorporate it into your business? We can help. Contact us for a custom Shedd inspired design.

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