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Sprucing Up an Old Aquarium: 7 Things You Can Do

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Do you have a tank that has been around for a decade or two, and you desperately want a new look for it? If so, don’t worry — the tank and hardware are surprisingly easy to adapt to a new design with a few tricks.

  1. Start fresh by entirely emptying the aquarium. Aquariums rarely get a full cleaning, so emptying the whole tank and giving it a thorough cleaning will go a long way toward making the tank feel new again.
  2. Keep all existing hardware, unless ineffective or outdated. Chances are, you can keep your filter, pump, and other pieces of gear that live behind the scenes.
  3. Plan out what you want the new design to be. The Internet is great for this, though you may also want to consult an experienced aquarium installer (like us!) about what exactly you can achieve within the parameters of your tank.
  4. Invest in new substrate, plants, and fish shelters. These materials make up the majority of the decor of your tank and changing them can make your aquarium feel like a brand new one.
  5. Invest in new lights. New lighting, especially modern LED lighting, can also make a (forgive the pun) night-and-day difference in the look of your tank.
  6. Decide if you want new inhabitants. Sometimes, if you want a tank to feel new, you’ll want to change the species you keep in it. If so, please donate your existing fish to someone who will appreciate them and take care of them!
  7. Reconsider tank placement. What used to be your boring tank sitting on a shelf can be completely transformed by being embedded into a custom piece of cabinetry or becoming an in-wall or room divider aquarium (assuming the dimensions work).

Need more ideas about how to reinvent your tank? We’re here to help. Send us a photo and we can give you some ideas on how to proceed!

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