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The Coolest Aquarium Projects We’ve Worked On Recently

We’ve gotten to work on some really interesting projects lately, and we wanted to give you a peek behind the scenes. Here are just a few of our recent tank builds:

Wildwood School

Wildwood 1 Wildwood 2 Wildwood 3 Wildwood4

This Northwest side Chicago Public School was expanding, with a large annex being built, doubling the size of the school. One of our current client’s kids go to this school and he wanted to make a donation of an incredible custom aquarium. He gave us a budget for the aquarium, cabinetry, custom synthetic decor insert, fish, and years of ongoing aquarium service. The kids, faculty, and staff absolutely love it!

Chicago Agricultural High School

Chi Ag High 1 Chi Ag High 2

Our friends at the Chicago Agricultural High school called and needed some help with their aquaponic system. While we were there, we also breathed some life into the 4 used 150 gallon aquariums that were in dry dock, in order to display to the varieties of fish used in the aquaponic system!



Doesn’t look like most of our custom aquariums, does it? Well, this aquarium certainly has a story: it was featured in the controversial Spike Lee film shot in Chicago, “ChiRaq”. The aquarium was featured in the home of one of the star characters (Nick Cannon) who was playing the role of a gang leader whose gang color was purple, which explains all the purple plants, decor, and fish in the aquarium. Oh, and we got to meet Spike Lee!



We’ve said it before, no man cave is complete without an aquarium. Or two in this case. These two 250 gallon aquariums are the centerpiece of this NW Indiana man cave!



This is a custom installation in Highland Park, Illinois that proves there is no shame in keeping freshwater instead of saltwater. This set up features an incredible custom synthetic insert and is a nice home for a variety of African Cichlids.

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