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The 10 Most Popular Tropical Fish and Why They’re Great to Own

When we think tropical fish, we often think warm waters, colorful and exotic. And for the most part, that’s right. Here are the 10 most popular tropical fish and why they’d make a great addition to any fresh or saltwater aquarium.

  1. Tetras

Cardinal or Neon Tetras are small but vibrantly colored fish. They like to school and look amazing in groups swimming across your aquarium.

  1. Jack Dempsey

This electric blue fish has brightly colored scaly spots that shimmer under the right aquarium lighting.

  1. Black Ghost Knifefish

This intriguing fish gets its name for resembling a ghost with its billowy sides and rich black color. They like to hang out near the bottom and are great for adding depth to your collection.

  1. Ruby Red Pencilfish

The Ruby Red are a peaceful bullet-shaped fish with a mostly bright red color. They are small in size and don’t need a large aquarium, but still do well in a larger unit with many fish.

  1. Gold Nugget Pleco

This black and yellow spotted fellow stands out, but does like his hiding spaces. This type of catfish is native to the Amazon and likes spending time on the bottom third of your aquarium as well.

  1. Angelfish

Angelfish are one of the most popular tropical fish, in no small part due to their amazing fluttering fins. Many varieties of angelfish exist and many are easy to care for.

  1. Clownfish

Popular thanks to a certain movie franchise, clownfish are one of the most recognizable and easy to care for in your collection. If you want a clownfish that doesn’t resemble Nemo however, go for Lightning Maroon Clown that is more spotted.

  1. Damsels

Damsels are easy to care for fish that make a great addition to an aquarium. They also come in a variety of colors from bold blue to black and white stripes.

  1. Pajama Cardinal

Cardinals are another peaceful fish that add distinction to your menagerie. We like the pajama cardinal as it appears that it couldn’t decide on a design and adopted all of them together.

  1. Lionfish

These striking multi dorsal-finned fish are venomous, but certainly add a conversation piece to your exhibit. They mix well with other aggressive fish but will eat anything that fits in their mouth.
Do you desire a tropical aquarium? Be sure the conditions and the right temperatures are set in your aquarium to give your fish the best environment to thrive in. Questions? Get in touch with us!

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