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The 10 Most Rare Aquarium Fish

As an aquarium enthusiast, you probably have a sound knowledge of most standard aquarium fish. But have you ever wondered what the most rare aquarium fish are?

Put your credit cards away in a safe place, because here are the top 10 rarest and most expensive aquarium fish:

  1. Platinum Arowana

Cost: $400,000

This fish’s brilliant white color is a result of a rare genetic mutation. The arowana can reach 35 inches in size, and has a lifespan of over 50 years. Arowanas can be found in Southeast Asia, South America, and Africa. In captivity, they require a large tank of at least 300 gallons. Though if you can shell out nearly half a million dollars for the fish itself, getting the tank shouldn’t be a problem, right?

  1. Freshwater Polka Dot Stingray

Cost: $100,000

Another rare genetic mutation—this stingray’s U-shaped head makes it unique, but it also means it can’t survive in the wild, because it can’t catch its prey. The only living specimens live in aquariums.

  1. Peppermint Angelfish

Cost: $30,000

This elusive deep dweller is very hard to find, which is why there is only one specimen in the world that is available for public viewing, at the Waikiki Aquarium in Hawaii.

  1. Bladefin Basslet

Cost: $10,000

At a tiny 1.5 inches, this remarkable fish lives in Caribbean reefs and gets its name from its unique, blade-like dorsal fin.

  1. Golden Basslet

Cost: $8,000

A very shy fish that avoids humans both in the wild and in a tank, this fish’s exorbitant price tag is caused by the difficulty in capturing it.

  1. Neptune Grouper

Cost: $6,000

A fluorescent yellow and orange coloring distinguishes this deep dweller from the rest of the grouper family.

  1. Australian Flathead Perch

Cost: $5,000

A very unique-looking fish that only lives in the waters near Australia.

  1. Wrought Iron Butterfly fish

Cost: $2,700

Black/grey and bright yellow, this rare fish inhabits the waters near Japan, and is very popular with collectors in Asia.

  1. Clarion Angelfish

Cost: $2,500

A bright yellow fish with brilliant blue stripes, this rare fish requires a special permit from the Mexican government to collect it.

  1. Candy Basslet

Cost: $1,000

This candy-striped Caribbean fish is one of the most colorful marine specimens, and for a rare fish, actually doesn’t require too much maintenance.

Rare fish are great and all, but generally speaking, these fish are costly and often difficult to maintain. Thee fish are really best only for the most diligent (and wealthy!) hobbyist!

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