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Advances in Aquarium Tech and Automation

With any type of electronic device, advances in technology bring about improved usability and easier automation. This applies to aquariums as well. Here are a few of the latest advances we’ve seen in aquarium technology.

Quieter Filtration Pumps

Filtration pumps have always made one of those constant hums you expect with an aquarium, unless your equipment is routed to another room. With the new low voltage aquarium pumps you’ll have quiet operation, no matter where your pump is located. It’s safe for salt or freshwater and is more energy-efficient than older pumps.

Smartphone Monitoring

There’s an app for everything, right? So why not an app for your aquarium? There are any monitors on the market and more being added or in the works, to monitor your aquarium equipment and alerts you in real time via your smartphone if you have any problems. You can adjust items such as lights, pumps, filtration, and even automatic feeders conveniently from your phone.
We expect to see many more bluetooth and wi-fi enabled technology for aquariums in the near future. Do you have a piece of aquarium tech you love? Drop us a line and let us know!

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