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Keeping Your Aquarium Environmentally-Friendly

Your aquarium showcases the beauty of nature in the comfort of your home or office. But what if your aquarium could also help to preserve the environment by saving some energy and promoting sustainable fish-sourcing practices? Here are three ways to ensure your aquarium is as environmentally-friendly as possible.

LED Lighting

Reviewing your energy and electrical usage are the first steps to maintaining an environmentally-friendly aquarium. As your equipment runs all day, usage can be a concern.
Lighting is perhaps one of the easiest ways to reduce your overall aquarium carbon footprint. Switching to energy efficient LEDs will not only cut down on your energy usage, which in turn cuts down on your cost, but these lights also last longer and have some truly cool color options.


While filters aren’t a huge energy draw, there are ways to lower their impact on your energy bill. Your best defense here is a good offense. Keep the filter clean to keep it at its optimum performance.


Heaters are power hungry and isn’t much that can be done about that. If your aquarium remains in a warmer room, the heater will have to work less hard, but it’s not energy efficient to keep your entire space warmer just for the sake of the aquarium. You should also make sure you have the proper heater size for your aquarium—a heater that’s too big or too small could waste extra energy.

Responsibly sourced sea-life

Here’s where your environmental mentality is put to the test. Ensuring you have responsibly sourced fish doesn’t have a direct impact in your own environment, but it does dramatically affect the environment from which the fish come. Especially with saltwater species, overfishing, illegal catching, and other concerns can affect the health of these populations.
Do you want to make your aquarium more energy efficient but aren’t sure how? Contact us to schedule an appointment!

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