What if there was a proven way to bring nature into your office and promote the well-being of your employees? You may be surprised to find out that aquariums have been found to do just that.

A scientific study conducted in 2015 tested how exposure to natural environments affected participants. The study used an unstocked, partially-stocked, and fully-stocked aquarium to determine if the diversity of wildlife also had an effect on the participant’s reaction.

Lo and behold, the full stocked aquarium led to longer viewing times, greater reductions in heart rate, and improvements in mood. Now, imagine you’re in the middle of a long meeting. You look up and see some tropical fish frolicking around a reef on one side of the conference room. All of a sudden, things are starting to look up, aren’t they?

The other thing to consider is that compared to most employee wellness programs, aquariums are actually quite affordable. There’s a one-time lump cost, and then very reasonable ongoing expenses for the maintenance of the tank

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