For an aquarium design that really wows, you may want to think outside the box (the square aquarium box, that is). Here’s a look at a few unusual aquariums we’ve seen that may help inspire your next design.

Inverted Aquarium

This unique design takes your fish pond above the water by creating a sealed space for the fish to float up into the column. These interesting designs look like a feat of engineering and impossible science. However, this unique concept can be taken outside of the koi pond as well.

Multi-level aquariums

In the same vein as an inverted aquarium, a multi level setup can take your aquarium to new heights. In a set up such as this one, you have the option of combining land and sea creatures in one environment.  Think frogs, turtles, or other reptiles that might be at home in these types of environments.

2 in 1

This large room divider aquarium is actually 2 side by side tanks, giving it the appearance of one super large system. Furthering that illusion is stocking the two tanks with the same types of fish.


360 Aquariums

A circular aquarium is great, if you have the room and walk space around it. However a 360 aquarium can take other forms such as wrapping around a wall. This nearly 360 aquarium still gives you more angles to view and the curved exterior tricks the eye into the 360 form.


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